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Our home console is about half the time, and the 2017 video game is a series of new features, updated and pleasantly surprised. So, before we turn the page on this year and predict what the title of the journal will bring us in 2018, let's look at the results we achieved in 2017.

These awards were decided by the staff of all geographical indications, although there were many expected punters, but they showed all kinds of success and different experiences.

Best general motors/franchise model - NBA 2K18.

This sounds a little opposition, the model based on control the movements of the franchisor to introduce a story structure, projection made in the form of your situation, but besides foolish played action, developers in the next chapter of Visual Concepts MyGM mode effect is very good Rocket League Crates.

It also provides a new tool to control your team, such as analyzing judging matrix players and enough sports drama, let you consider the correct action in the evening (if only one season in the game).

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