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Rocket League is an online game developed by Psyonix, an independent game studio in the United States. The game's novel racing ball game model has won numerous praises at home and abroad as soon as it is launched. As of now, the number of global players exceeds 34 million. However, in the network confrontation game, developers will inevitably face the problem of handling bad behavior players to protect the game environment Rocket League Items.

It has launched in-game reporting and "player banned" systems. Now faced with those who do not have the bottom line, "Rocket Alliance" will deploy a new automatic language ban (Language Ban) system.

The mechanism will include a list of sensitive words (including racial discrimination, malicious speech, etc.). When the player's malicious speech frequency containing these sensitive words exceeds a threshold, the game will automatically suspend them. For the first time will be a 24-hour ban, and if they do not change their teaching, the ban will be extended to 72 hours, a week, or even permanently banned.

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