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The operation and rules of the Rockets League are very simple. You only need to master the throttle, speed up, and jump in the game. There is only one purpose in the game. That is to hit the ball that is much bigger than your car. goal Rocket League Items. In this field that is very similar to a real football field, there is no offside, no offense, no handball (and you don't have a hand, of course). Here, as long as you can score goals, you just crash the enemy and it's OK.

Relying on these simple and rude rules and various surreal physics settings, the "Rocket League" has a very fast pace. In a not-so-large venue, the ball may be immediately hit by the opponent's goal. The situation may be reversed instantly. . This game supports up to 4V4 races. In 4V4, 8 different shapes of racing cars will be innumerable scrambles, bumps, and jumps around a very flexible ball in just five minutes until the whistle blows. Winning.

The above-mentioned "simple" contradictions that I mentioned above are difficult techniques that are difficult to calculate systematically. Yes, Rocket League has both simple and complex double-sidedness. You will feel that you don't need any foundation to get started with this game, but it's hard to make the ball in the stadium as obtrusive as the mouse in your car. It has a simple mechanism but it has difficult skills. You need to think about how to shoot in the game, how to take a position, how to defend, how to hit the ball to the right place, instead of hitting it into his goal after a wonderful jump shot.

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