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In the 1980 season, fans were hoping for more victories in the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks, with a 4-3 deficit, are 4-12 to finish the season. After the season failed, the team's safety Ken Easley became the team's choice NFL Coins.

In the 1981 season, Seattle Seahawks lost five games in six games in the same area and finished the season 6-10. Steve Largent gets 1224 yards in the season. Dave Krieg started the first game on December 6 with 20 of 26 passes, helping the team beat the New York jet 27-23.

In 1982, the team fired coach Patera after the first two games were lost due to the players' strike. Interim manager Mike McCormack is acting as a temporary agent, finishing the season 4-5.

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