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The Most Potential Game: Mario + Mad Rabbit: Battle of the Kingdom

The game that combines two well-known children's brands can not be obscured. However, integrating the UFO-style turn-based battle system into the Mushroom Kingdom is a bit edgy. This concept had flowed out before E3, but was questioned by many Mario and Rabbids fans Rocket League Trading. However, after the game was formally announced, all suspicions vanished. Players can hardly hide their love of demo demos. The high scores and unique gameplay can make this game one of the premier masterpieces on the Switch platform this year. It is worth mentioning that the game will be on sale on August 29.

Best Technology Innovation: PlayLink

The Xbox One X is the most technologically advanced product on the show - not only powerful but also compact. But in terms of innovative spirit, we still have to choose Sony's PlayLink - this service allows up to five players to participate in the PS4 multiplayer interaction via a smartphone. Sony announced various games that support the service, including "That's You!" (on July 4th), "Hidden Agenda", "Frantics", "SingStar Celebration" and "Knowledge is Power". A series of works. And most exciting is that the service only charges £19.99 per player.

Forget about Wii U and Smartglass, PlayLink is the latest game for Christmas parties and is for mainstream casual players who don’t care about “Legend Race” or “God of War.” This shows that PlayLink is one of the few surprises on this E3.

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