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Denver Broncos beat the widely-recognized first-seeded Carolina Panthers 24 to 10 to win the professional NFL 50th Super Bowl, giving star quarterback Manning a chance to finish the exciting career Madden Coins.

This is the third time in a row that the Broncos has won the Super Bowl and the 39-year-old veteran Peyton Manning won the championship for the second time. Many people expect this is his last game.

Manning was voted the NFL Most Valuable Player 5 degrees. He added new content to his record today, becoming the oldest NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl and the first to win 200 wins in his career.

However, the Mustang can win the championship, still thanks to the strong defense ranking the first in the league. In the face of the Panthers, who scored the most in the league, they only let the opponent perform 1 touchdown and scored 10 points. Minute.

The Mustang's line of defense was led by linebacker Von Miller, who forced Cam Newton's quarterback New Zealand to concede goals. The Broncos scored accordingly and he was also selected as the Super Bowl's most valuable player. Players.

Miller said after the game: "This shows exactly what kind of team we have, not just the offensive team, the defensive team and the special team. We combined into a whole."

Whether Manning continued to compete has caused fans to speculate that he is still reluctant to disclose his intentions after the game today. He said: "I was very well advised by (former coach) Tony Dungy. He said, don't use emotion when making decisions."

He said: "I'll take a moment to think about it. Tonight I have to drink beer. Miller will pay for it."

It is worth mentioning that when Manning said this, he mentioned that Budweiser's products were estimated to have reached US$3.2 million in advertisements on television. Although he did not account for the money, Budweiser thanked him for giving 50 boxes of 1200 bottles of beer for the Broncos to enjoy at the celebration party.

Manning is the holder of the most passing record in the NFL career. This is the fourth time he has participated in the Super Bowl but he hasn't played a touchdown. There are 23 passes and 13 passes. The distance is 141 yards.

The Broncos offensive failed to play, relying on a defensive defense system that made it difficult for Newton to win the regular season's Most Valuable Player. He killed him six times, intercepted another one, and forced him to miss two times. ball.

For the first time, the Mustang started the offensive and scored a goal. Brandon McManus scored a goal from 34 yards out and made the Panthers taste the first time in the playoffs, leading the game to the end of the game.

Newton later conceded the ball under Miller, defensive winger Malik Jackson grabbed the ball touchdown, pulled the ratio to 10 to 0, and the Panthers were in deep trouble.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Panthers strove to counterattack and scored by running back Jonathan Stewart, bringing the odds to 7:10, but Newton had almost no performance but this offensive. The Mustang later scored a goal from McManus and ended the first half 13 to 7.

Afterwards, both sides came to me and scored each one on goal. The score became 16 to 10. Miller played well in the fourth quarter and picked up Newton's ball, running back CJ Anderson's offensive touchdown. At this point, the wild horse to lead 24 to 10, the black panther returned to the sky without surgery.

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