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"FIFA 17" VS "live 2017", which to buy?

If you are a PC player, don't hesitate to purchase FIFA 17 directly. KONAMI's protection of the host platform makes the PC version of "Live 2017" migrate to the level of the previous generation host, which means that your PC performance is better Rocket League Keys. It must also bear low picture quality, apparently on the PC platform "FIFA 17" appears more sincere.

If you are a console player and have a PS4 or Xbox One on hand, there are two things to consider when choosing these two games:

1. Is it the death of a particular team and you want to play your favorite team in the game?

There is no doubt that in terms of franchise and league authorization, FIFA is even better. Even though "Live 2017" got Barcelona's authorization, the Premier League only got Arsenal and Liverpool, and there was no Real Madrid in La Liga. Although the PC version of the live version can be used to download material patches in some communities to make up for licenses and textures, it is clear that FIFA will be more convenient.

2. Do you like the details of control or grasp the overall situation

Overall, the difficulty of playing live football is lower than that of FIFA. Many junior players use some tricks similar to the backcourt to easily score through the defense. Although FIFA is slightly inferior in the fineness of the picture, the running trajectory of the ball is more reasonable and the pass can be easily broken, which requires the player to have more fine-grained control. The advantage of live is that the player stands, and players can perform on-the-spot control in all directions to master the overall situation.

Of course, if you were originally a "live fan" or "FIFA loyalty," it would be nice to buy your own new ones directly without tangle.

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