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The oldest football game in the world is the FA Cup, which was founded by CW Alcock and has been contested by the British team since 1872. The first official international football match was also held in Glasgow between Scotland and England in 1872, again at CW Alcock. England is also home to the world's first football league, founded in 1888 by Aston Villa director William McGregor in Birmingham. The original format includes 12 clubs from the Central Region and North England Rocket League Keys.

The "Cambridge Rules" first developed at Cambridge University in 1848 had special influence in the development of subsequent norms including the Football Association. The Cambridge Rules were attended by representatives of the Eaton, Harlow, Rugby, Winchester and Shrewsbury schools at the Trinity College meeting in Cambridge. They are not universally accepted. In the 1850s, many clubs unrelated to schools or universities formed throughout the English-speaking world and played various forms of football. Some people put forward their own unique rules, most notably the Sheffield Football Club formed by former public school students in 1857, which led to the formation of Sheffield FA in 1867 in 1862, John Charles Lining’s Azerbaijani. Bingham School also designed an influential set of rules.

These ongoing efforts contributed to the establishment of the Football Association (FA) in 1863. On the morning of October 26, 1863, the first meeting was held at the Masonic Hotel in London's Great Queen Street. The only representative this time is Charterhouse. The Masonic tavern was the venue for five meetings between October and December, and eventually produced the first comprehensive set of rules. At the last meeting, the first FA treasurer, a representative from Blackheath, deleted two draft rules at the last meeting and withdrew his club from the FA: the first time allowed to run with the ball; This is hacking, tripping and holding this kind of running.

The same is true for other Rugby clubs. They did not join the Football Association but established a football league in 1871. Under the guidance of Ebenezer Cobb Morley, the remaining 11 clubs continued to approve the original 13 rules of the game. These rules include dealing with the ball with "marks" and the lack of crossover lines that make it very similar to Victorian rule football and are being developed in Australia. Sheffield FA played its own rules until the 1970s when the FA absorbed some rules until there was little difference between the games.

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