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The pre-production of “Ark: Survival Evolution” began in October 2014. Studio Wildcard, a Seattle-based game developer, selected Instinct Games, an Egyptian developer, as its partner to develop games . While studying the game's prehistoric species information, the development team read "normal books" and online articles and sought the help of friends who had research in the field of biological sciences.

While creating species and the world, although some species have evolved in their corresponding historical periods, the gameplay designed by the development team is still very new. The game was first released on Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2015 via the Steam Preemptive Experience. It was released on Linux and OS X on July 1 and was released on Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview Program on December 16th. The final version of the game will be released on Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. The game will support Oculus Rift and Ps VR, and the Xbox One version will be released via the ID@Xbox program.

The development team pointed out that the game will attract all players, not just those who like survival mode. The team also increased the outcome for the players because they believe that most survival games lack an ultimate goal, and creative director Jesse Rapczak said they want to “provide a depth and breadth, so that the world doesn’t just mean the end But a place worth exploring Cheap ARK Items."

The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and Vepaakak says it contains "tens of thousands" of artificial intelligence entities. The game also supports virtual reality. Weipakak has nearly three years of head-mounted display experience. He claims that the game was based on virtual reality design from the start .

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