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If some series deserves a prize for most of the competition, it should be this. How to close? Every game in the series was decided by one goal. The first game dictated the competitiveness of the neck and neck for the entire series with a game without nets until Jacob and Fireburner collaborated for a winning goal at the end of the regulation.

For most of the series, each team played cleverly with little mistakes and overruns. But, again, what made the difference was the rhythm. NRG played a little too passively, which slowed down their rotations and cost them some key objectives in a series that was decided by so few. Because of this slow and passive game, Method was able to control the larger boost pads and maintain a faster rotation. This slower game led to fewer shooting opportunities, a couple missed the follow-up in the first few touches and missed the shots for NRG. But NRG fans are not afraid, if a team has the best chance to make it in the lower range, it's since that team has most of the LANs.

No surprises here. Gale Force brought his game A by combining the fast rhythm of G2 and interrupting the rotations with aggressive bumps and blows. It was not just the rhythm that made the difference in this game, but the style and consistency of the rotations Rocket League Keys. Gale Force has rotated less often and has made more use of smaller pad boosters to set up more midfield passes and keep possession longer.

G2 rotated much more often than Gale Force. Rotating to the end of the field for the biggest upgrade pads led to missed follow-up opportunities and support for teammates in 50/50 situations. A slow and passive approach to an offensive machine like Gale Force did not work in favor of the G2.

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