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"Rocket League" is a racing game based on a car, and 40 million players have joined the game so far. Recently, the official on twitter, according to the news broke, cross-platform game against function will be launched in the 2018 years, no matter you are in the PS4 platform or Xbox platform, can ignore invite friends against the platform Rocket League Trading.

This news comes from the earliest twitter a player's enquiry, that player consulting team system, whether the official is developing cross-platform and want to know when the system specific online, they have't wait and PS4 friends went to the position. The official response: "we are actively preparing for cross-platform functionality, which will be released in 2018."

"Rocket League" is an online game developed by Psyonix, an American independent game studio. Once the game is launched in countless won acclaim at home and abroad, the player number reached new highs, global players so far more than 40 million, more gains, including TGA sports/racing game of the year, more than 150 international awards. At present, it has already logged into several mainstream platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch platform.

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