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"Rocket League" officially announced that it has more than 40 million players in the world, and the global start number has exceeded 2 billion times! After years of quiet cultivation, Psyonix, the independent game studio with the most powerful "black horse" in the last three years, has become a world-renowned game developer Rocket League Trading. Entering the New Year, the global heat of "Rocket League" remains unabated, showing boundless vitality and long vitality.

Psyonix not only won the praise of global players, but also attracted the attention of the big game players. Interactive entertainment in the world's most influential exhibition on E3, EA (electronic arts) at the top, the independent games support project leader has said, very hope to have a team like Psyonix and "Rocket League".

"You asked me if I wanted to fund the Rocket League," the official said in an interview. Of course I do. You asked me if I wanted "Rocket League" to be an EA game? Of course I do. Not only I think, but this is the original intention of EA to support independent games. We want to be able to help these very creative people, understand their projects, help them release games, and inspire us.

Soon after, Psyoonix creative director of Corey Davis, voice on twitter: "in fact, when we were in 2011, the game for EA Rocket League Items, so I'm not sure there will be any different this time!" It's a slap in the face on EA's face.

EA now sees the success of the "Rocket League" and wants to reap the benefits of its own business, but it seems to forget that it was a young, hopeful young man who had been mercilessly rejected. The success of the Rocket League today should be thanked for the fact that the Psyonix team didn't give up during hibernation.

Today, the full-fledged Psyonix is no longer the small studio that needed to be outsourced to maintain its operations. The huge success of the Rocket League in global markets has also given them the right to be "just positive" with international giants like EA. It certainly gave the fledgling Rocket League a shot in the arm.

With the double support of overseas players and international well-known manufacturers, it is believed that "Rocket League" will be able to conquer the hearts of domestic players with the same high quality and smooth game experience.

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