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For Xbox users, Microsoft announced a particularly good message on the Inside Xbox.

According to TheVerge, Xbox One S and Xbox One X will support AMD's Freesync screen tear-proof technology, which means players using related displays will be able to enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience Rocket League Trading.

In this update, Microsoft will also provide 1440P resolution support for One S/X users.

Finally, Microsoft, stressed that the end of the year, has a low latency function of TV will be able to better collaboration and Xbox console, namely TV recognition to the host began to run the game called when "low latency" feature, to ensure that the image fluency, the stability of the frames, etc.

According to the data, the Xbox One S/One X all adopted AMD semi-customized APU products, and based on tsm-16nm process manufacturing, One X has a CPU frequency of 2.3GHz, and GPU theoretical performance exceeds RX 480.

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