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June 23, NHL announced in the official website of the new season schedule, the season starting from October 5 this year to April 7 next year. February 9 next year to the end of the 25th during the Winter Games, NHL will not be suspended, put their own team to return to participate in the Olympic Winter Games.

Ice hockey event ticket sales accounted for 40% of the entire Olympic tickets sales, in addition to television copyright, ice hockey also occupies a large proportion. Therefore, the outside world generally believe that, NHL star does not participate in the winter Olympics, for Pyeongchang's fight is not small. Ice hockey has always been one of the most interesting events in the ice and snow sport, especially as the North American Hockey League players, for the game ornamental and ticket sales is undoubtedly heavy bad.

NHL is with the United States Basketball League NBA, the American Football League NFL and the US Major League Baseball MLB and known as the United States one of the four major sports league NHL Coins, is the business system of the most complete organization, less concerned about the NBA. NHL will make concessions in the event that the NHL will make concessions in the winter when the race is in line with the NHL schedule. However, the NHL refused to adjust the competition schedule. After several months of communication, it has not yet reached an agreement.

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