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Liverpool in Van Dick's battle in the upper hand, basically beat Manchester City to sign it. It is reported that in order to sign Van Dick, Liverpool hit 60 million pounds of transfer fee, breaking the horse and Carol to keep the club king record, as the team's highest in the history of the player FIFA Coins; In addition, Liverpool will also provide for Fan Dick A close to 200,000 pounds of weekly salary contract, called the Dutch guard in the body under the blood.

Over the past season, Liverpool was once a strong contender for the Premier League title, but because of the bad defense, leading to fall short, and ultimately just get the fourth, get a Champions League qualification, of course, this is a new season of comfort. Statistics show that Liverpool 38 games Premiership lost 42 goals, is the second largest number of BIG6 lost the team, only lost 44 balls less than Arsenal, more than defensive best hotspot more than lost 16 balls , Chelsea also lost only 33 balls only. Obviously, the level of Liverpool really want to improve, we must strengthen the defense line Caixing. So, Liverpool coach Clop considered again and again, decided to win at all costs Van Dick.

Van Dick is 25 years old, height of 1 meter 93 in the back, the Dutch players header effort, positive defense is very strong. Debut in Groningen, in the Celtic fame, in the summer of 2015 to 11.5 million pounds to join Southampton, has gradually become the top defender in the Premier League. In addition to excellent defense, Fan Dick or a letter of the defender, every team has positioning the ball, will pressure on the Qiangdian, so far 68 games scored 7 goals, of which last season 30 games scored 4 ball. It should be noted that Liverpool's acquisition of Van Dick has a gambling suspected, because since January 22 Southampton 3-0 victory over Leicester City, has been seriously injured hanging warlock.

If Liverpool can implement the deal, then the club in Southampton players since 2014 will be close to 160 million pounds, after Liverpool continued to buy Lalana (25 million pounds), Lambert (4 million pounds ), Loveland (£ 20 million), Klein (£ 12.5 million) and Marne (£ 35 million). Of course, Liverpool from Southampton bought these players, the basic still worth the money, in addition to Lambert has left Anfield, the rest of the players are now the main players under the Kloppi rule.

British media "Sun" disclosure, Liverpool to provide the contract Dandyke, will allow the Dutch to become the team's first high salary, the basic basic salary of 150,000 pounds, plus 30,000 pounds of bonuses, up to 180,000 pounds per week , Than Liverpool's highest salary Kutiniao 150,000 pounds weekly salary, but also higher than 30,000 pounds.

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