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The ancients cloud cheap goods is not good, we all know this is the truth, however, it seems that the game developers abroad is not very understanding, to the transplantation of a shorter time, in order to the transplantation of lower cost, "rocket league" and B club "Doom" return to castle wolfenstein: new colossus 2 "when the Switch is these a few games in transplantation chose a company called Panic Button don't have much experience of small studio outsourcing transplantation Rocket League Keys.

In the face of a new platform, "Doom", it is still easy to find the water. After all, "the ancient scroll 5" is also known to be a perfect rendering of 1080P. But the rocket league, an independent studio that relies on just one game, has no other game except the blockbuster. Such cases, face the future there may be millions and millions of sales of the possibility of market (the 30 million games in the whole sales platform, to ensure the quality on the Switch to launch if though must be difficult, but the millions of sales is always little not). The official is to save money and work to a small workshop to transplant, can say is to do great things and cherish the body, see xiao li and forget life.

Finally choose the disadvantages of small studio transplantation was blowing is revealed, the two game after do optimization of violence after castration transplantation in host mode holds only 720 p picture performance, handheld mode cannot guarantee even 720 p, game image detail is bad. Though the Switch performance is not high, but only relatively PS4 host, such as its hardware level also not so bad, after the small developers made the original game performance such as a Fast RMX can need not say more.

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