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Let me think of my love "Rocket League" in mind."Rocket League" registered players reached 29 million (here including the screen game players, through the PS + free game, so avoid sales Large numbers), a quarter of the 29 million registered players (about 7 million) have played "Rocket League", indicating that the game still has a vigorous vitality Rocket League Items. Dunham also said the company's purpose is to make the "Rocket League" getting better and better, do not want to lose any players want to play the game. Not because of the addition of some new features let the players buy a game, although the production sequel has a very attractive potential income, but the hasty push sequel is not the right way of doing things.

In addition, the "Rocket League" in the PS4 Pro on the upgrade patch, will be able to 4K resolution 60 frame mode, single mode and double dual mode is the same, but also according to the previous player feedback on the game The optimization, repair some BUG.For now the rapid development of the game industry, this is a stress differentiated and there is no lack of differentiation of the era, compared to only maverick, how to have a memory point and irreplaceable match with the times, is today Market game products most need to think about. In recent days on the network rumors of the "Rocket League", for example, the game or the news of the country has been hot, and its own time to follow the concept of the game has a great relationship. Domestic end of the tour is waiting to pick up, each product is carefully selected.

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