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By March 2017, Psyonix reported that Rocket League had sold more than 10.5 million copies across all platforms, and had 29 million registered players, with about of fourth of that having played during February 2017. Dunham estimated that 70% of the game's players have purchased some of the DLC offered for the game Rocket League Keys. Pysonix reported that by April 2017, they have sold more than 1 million units of 505 Games' physical retail edition, alongside the 9.5 million from digital sales.

Rocket League was awarded the Best Design at the 2016 Game Developers Choice Awards.At the 2016 Gaming Awards, Rocket League was awarded the "Excellence in Multiplayer" prize.Rocket League won three BAFTA Games Awards for Multiplayer, Sports, and Family,and was nominated for two others, Best Game and Game Design. It also won the following year for the BAFTA's Evolving Game award.

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