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 文章标题 : Three great games
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The new week means all new deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, this week there are some things for everyone, both in terms of genre and Xbox Live membership tastes, there are regular gold deals and Spotlight sales.

Xbox One owners can expect all of the Radiation 4 DLC, DiRT Rally, Rocket League and GTA V deals while Xbox 360 users have a slightly thin list of deals including Radiation 3 and New Vegas and Tomb Raider , Three great games on the previous generation platform Rocket League Trading. Bellow follows the full list of two console sales. Games marked are only available for Xbox Live Gold members.

New Way To Play Rocket League.Rocket League developer Psyonix plans to update the game for free on March 22th, introducing a new model for the addictive game Dropshot.

Dropshot eliminates the standard target, not by breaking the panel on the opponent's floor and then putting down the balloon to rate the player. For the first time, the ball hits a panel, activates it, breaks it for the second time. The ball itself is also hit by multiple chariots, enabling it to damage up to 19 panels at a time.

In addition to Dropshot, the update also introduces speed-themed turbines, the fourth season of competition, the new season and so on. Click on the link below to get the full content of the update and enjoy the Dropshot trailer.

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