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The NFL is stacked with elite level quarterbacks. Drew has at least 18 seasons with 5,000 passes. Do not worry about checking the numbers, I'm right here on my statistics sheet. And from a stat sheet, I mean the napkin. And with the napkin I do not mean anything. There is nothing. I'm lying to you. Do not believe everything on the Internet. Lesson learned. Broncos already has Von Miller, but they also have the first two cornerbacks in Madden Coins. There's a lot of potential for the moves here, and Talib is dangerous once he seizes the ball. It's a great match with Harris, not so fast but a little stronger.

Butler is the latest Longshot story . He went from no name, from the hero of Super Bowl, to one of the most coherent corners of the championship. Balanced down the board in terms of rating, Butler scored a 70 Tackle, the highest of the top 5. Butler also has a 95 Man Cover and 93 Cover Zone. No matter the assignment, Butler can handle it.Peterson is an athlete of freak exhibitions. Its hedging rankings are not as high as the other guys listed here, but its 92 Speed is the fastest elite CB and has a rating of 97 agility. Peterson will be the return specialist, with a Kick Return score of 88, and marks an outstanding 93 Elusiveness, 95 Ball Carrier Vision, 87 Spin Move, and 92 Juke Move. Yikes. These are the ratings that change the game.

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