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The Baltimore ravens: strictly speaking, the offense of the Baltimore ravens is the most unenthusiastic offense in the league and should not be borne by the team's first quarterback, Joe frakko. However, the day Joe Flacco announced his retirement, his contract would be a mountain for the Baltimore ravens. After leading the Baltimore ravens to a super bowl and reaching the pinnacle of his career, the team signed an overextended contract with him. Which makes Joe Flacco in this season's salary cap accounted for $24.55 million, in the next season, Joe Flacco will occupy the ravens salary cap of $24.75 million to the 2019 season, the Baltimore ravens even will pay 26.5 million for it Madden Coins.

The Baltimore ravens could only cut Joe Flacco in 2019, and the team will still spend $16 million even if the team decides to cancel. If Joe Flacco had been able to maintain his performance in the super bowl that year, the Baltimore ravens would have been willing to give him money, but Joe Flacco had a lot of trouble. In any sense, the Baltimore ravens should not have any confidence in the team's attacking team. Joe Flacco's substitute quarterback is Ryan Mallett.

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