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The abilities of FIFA18 are often based on the performance of the players over the past year, so the best performance of top players is always on their ratings. Here are the top scoring players in FIFA18 and FIFA18 Ultimate Team.

Lionel Messi: when people talk about who is the best player in football today, it's not hyperbole to describe Messi in any language. He is the tallest of all players, and even few defenders can keep up with Lionel Messi when he is at his best. And he had a speed of 89 and a 90 shot, and he usually started on the side but always had a good chance at the goal - where he rarely missed.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of almost anything on the pitch, and he is most comfortable in the offensive position of the front court. His 93 goals allowed him to score an astonishing number of goals in the last few seasons, and the 90's speed and 90's dribbling made him almost unbroken when he was in good shape. When Cristiano Ronaldo is a striker FIFA Coins, he can play in the box as he likes and easily send the ball to his opponent's goal. He could do better on the left, where he could create opportunities for his teammates, or, as he often does, cut into the inside, making the goalkeepers helpless.

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