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When you woke up alone in the open coast, finds himself in a mysterious island ", "full of dinosaurs, your body without intense, cold and hunger, you must learn to hunting, access to resources, to make goods, crops, the development of science and technology, build shelter, so that you can survive in this world. At the same time, you can use techniques to kill or tame, breed, and ride on the wild animals that live on this island ARK Items. You can build tribes with hundreds, invade each other, survive... And escape from this island!

The game provides more than 50 different categories of primitive creatures that can be tamed by players. The game USES a set of conquests - the protection of the domestication mechanism, the player needs to first knock out the dinosaur to weaken and tame them, then take care of them until recovery. Once it is tamed, it will be your most loyal partner, and you can give them orders, and they will give you different feedback depending on how you tamed and trained. Pets constantly upgrade and consume food, and can also transport supplies and equipment.

The game also provides a unique breed system, the player can choose the pet to breed the best property, also can be a simple point, directly raise a dinosaur baby! You can ride a winged dragon over the top of a snowy mountain, lead a raptor to a dangerous jungle, or ride a tyrannosaurus rex to chase the fallen enemy! Come and experience this dynamic real-time ecosystem, where you can find your place in the ruthless hierarchy of predators and prey.

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